The association between following transportation standards of the burned patients referred to Imam Mosakazem Hospital and the caused early complications in 2011

Reza Daryabeigi, Fateme Hadadi, Hojjatollah Yousefi, Fereidon Abedini


Background and Goal: Burn is an irreparable event, which results in numerous physical, psychological, social, and economic complications. The burned patients should be merely treated in a professional burn center due to vast clinical range of these patients.

Since, a percentage of mortality in burned patients is for the patients’ transportation from other centers; this study has aimed to investigate the manner of their transportation to Imam Mosa Kazem Hospital.

Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive cross-sectional study on 98 subjects selected through sequential sampling from thermally burned patients being referred to Isfahan burn emergency center by ambulance from August 2011 to November 2011. The data including demographic information and event details, burned surface, burning grade and the province of origin were collected by a questionnaire, as well as a checklist related to caring team standards, transportation team, transportation equipment, and outcomes. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistical tests.

Results: Based on the findings, the longest transportation time was 6.35 (4.30) hours. There was no significant association between patients’ O2 intake and hypoxemia. There was no association between patients’ hypothermia and cooling the burn in the patients at the event location. There was a significant association between intake of fluid within transportation and urine output and hypovolemia (P = 0.00). Most of the defects of treatment were related to the equipments and infection control devices.

Discussion: The findings showed that burned patients’ transportation is so far from standards in Iran, and the authorities’ should pay specific attention to that in form of vast national investigations.

Key words: Transportation, standards-burned, patients-early complications

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