Factors influencing attendance at structured self-management education (SSME) programs for diabetes

Hossein Ashtarian, Mike Woolridge, Francine Cheater, Jill Firth


Aims: There are several structured self-management education programs which are available nationally for patients with diabetes in the UK. This study was aimed to determine the factors influencing participation of patients with diabetes in the programs.

Patients and Methods: A cross-sectional survey through semi-structured questionnaire distributed to 550 patients attending primary or secondary care diabetes services, as well to those in community venues, was conducted. The inclusion criteria were people ≥18 years with diabetes diagnosed for 1 year or longer.

Results: There was a lack of awareness of the programs among the respondents. There were statistically significant differences between tendency to attend the programs with demographic variables, qualification, and self-efficacy. The results also indicated that an individual will be more likely to participate in the structured self-management education programs if she/he feels at risk of complications, that diabetes complications are serious, and believes that the programs may help to avoid these risks.

Conclusions: This study indicated the nature of multidimensionality of the factors influencing participation in the programs.


Key words: Diabetes, participation, self-management education programs

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