Exploring diabetes type 1‑related stigma

Samereh Abdoli, Parvaneh Abazari, Leila Mardanian


Background: Empowerment of people with diabetes means integrating diabetes with identity. However, others’ stigmatization can influence it. Although diabetes is so prevalent among Iranians, there is little knowledge about diabetes‑related stigma in Iran. The present study explored diabetes‑related stigma in people living with type 1 diabetes in Isfahan.

Materials and Methods: A conventional content analysis was used with in‑depth interview with 26 people with and without diabetes from November 2011 to July 2012.

Results: A person with type 1 diabetes was stigmatized as a miserable human (always sick and unable, death reminder, and intolerable burden), rejected marriage candidate (busy spouse, high‑risk pregnant), and deprived of a normal life [prisoner of (to must), deprived of pleasure]. Although, young adults with diabetes undergo all aspects of the social diabetes‑related stigma; in their opinion they were just deprived of a normal life

Conclusion: It seems that in Isfahan, diabetes‑related stigma is of great importance. In this way, conducting an appropriate intervention is necessary to improve the empowerment process in people with type 1 diabetes in order to reduce the stigma in the context.

Key words: Diabetes, disease‑related stigma, Iran, people with diabetes, qualitative research, social stigma

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