The effect of community health nurse home visit on self‑care self‑efficacy of the elderly living in selected Falavarjan villages in Iran in 2010

Habibollah Hosseini, Sara Torkani, Khosrow Tavakol


Background: Perceived self‑efficacy is a strong predictor for behavior. Considering the importance of health‑promoting self‑care behaviors in increasing quality of life in the elderly, this study was aimed at defining the effect of nurse home visits on self‑care self‑efficacy of the elderly in rural areas.

Materials and Methods: This is a pre and post quasi‑experimental study conducted on 33 older adults randomly selected from five villages in Falavarjan province in Iran. Intervention program was in the direction of self‑care self‑efficacy in four domains including nutrition, health practice, physical activity, and well‑being in the form of five home visit programs and one group session by a nurse during 6 weeks, and included two different sections of education and nursing interventions administered based on needs assessment and determination of the tasks for the clients and their families. Theoretical framework of this study was supported by Bandura’s self‑efficacy, Orem’s self‑care theory, and Pender’s revised health promotion model. The data were collected by self‑care self‑efficacy and demographic information questionnaire before and after the intervention. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and paired t‑test.

Results: The mean elderly score in the four aforementioned domains increased after the home visit program. A significant difference was seen in the mean total scores of self‑care self‑efficacy and its subscales by paired t‑test before and after intervention (P < 0.001).

Conclusions: It was observed that home visit program, integrated with the theories, had a positive influence on improving self‑care self‑efficacy of the elderly, and was supported by Bandura’s theory of self‑efficacy suggesting four sources of performance accomplishment, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion, and emotional arousal. With regard to the importance of self‑care behavior in health promotion of the elderly, multifaceted low‑cost interventions with the highest effect seem essential.

Key words: Community health nursing, elderly, home visit, Iran, self‑care, self‑efficacy


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