Evaluation of the curriculum for undergraduate course of operating room in international level and suggesting an appropriate curriculum for Iran

Zahra Zare, Mehri Doosti Irani, Akram Arabi, Ahmad Mashhadizadeh, Farzaneh Gholami Motlaq, Hasan Farahmand, Mohsen Rafieian, Homayoon Naji


BACKGROUND: The objectives of an educational system in a society are based on society's requirements. Since personnel knowledge and skill are not qualified with the advantages of science and invention of new tools, new needs are arisen. Comparing the curriculum of undergraduate course of operating room of our country with international societies, it seems that this curriculum is not a good one to educate experts for taking care of the patients before, while and after operation. This research is done in an international level to determine a curriculum for operating room course and suggest a suitable educational program.
METHODS: Executive method contained 3 stages. In first stage after searching the web and finding the curriculum of operating room course in the world, the current curriculum was compared to the findings in second stage and in third stage a questionnaire has sent to 17 experienced members of faculty scientific board and after performing their opinions and modifications, the curriculum for undergraduate course of operating room was suggested.
RESULTS: This research's findings contain two sets of data obtained from searching the internet and polling research samples which result to the suggestion of curriculum for undergraduate course of operating room.
CONCLUSION: Surveying the suggestion of research units showed that more than 50 percent of courses have utility more than 90 percent and the minimum utility is belonged to hygiene and internal medicine and digestion and tumors operation courses (about 76%). By modifying these courses ambiguities are cleared and finally the suitable curriculum suggested.


Curriculum, operation technologist, operation, Delphi method, operating room nurse

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