A descriptive study of perceived stress among the North Indian nursing undergraduate students

Abhishek Singh, Mukul Chopra, Siddiqui Adiba, Prasanna Mithra, Anu Bhardwaj, Rakesh Arya, Pankaj Chikkara, Rajesh Duraisamy Rathinam, Sanjeet Panesar


Background: In recent years, there is a growing appreciation of the stresses involved in nursing training. It is important for nursing educators to know the prevalence of psychological distress and psychological well-being among nursing students. The present study aimed to assess perceived stress in the undergraduate students studying in a nursing college located in North India.

Materials and Methods: The present cross-sectional study was carried out at College of Nursing, Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Haryana, in the month of August 2011 using pretested self-administered questionnaire. Perceived stress score was measured using perceived stress scale (PSS).

Results: The mean perceived stress score of all 282 students was 28.67 (SD = 5.32), with a median of 26 (IQR = 22–34). Female students had more perceived stress score (31.33) than male students (26.01). The maximum mean perceived stress score (29.66) was observed in 2nd year students, and the least mean perceived stress score (26.28) was found in 3rd year students.

Conclusion: The present study indicates high levels of psychological disturbance among nursing undergraduate students in the middle phase of the course. Hence, there is an urgent need to take measures by the authorities to reduce stress among the nursing students.

Key words: Nursing school, stress, students

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