Determining job satisfaction of nurses working in hospitals of Iran: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Mohammadreza Amiresmaili, Mahmood Moosazadeh


Background: Employees feeling and attitude to their job has a significant role on their performance. Present study sought to investigate documents related to nurses job satisfaction, using systematic review and meta-analysis to estimate nurses job satisfaction in Iran.

Materials and Methods: Papers on nurses job satisfaction were identified by searching different data bases using appropriate key words. Seventeen studies were extracted using inclusuion criteria. Data were analyzed using Meta-analysis command in STATA 11.

Results: Considerable hetrogenecity is apparent in results of nurses job satisfaction studies. Although, according to random effect model, nurses total job satisfaction was estimated at 46.3 (CI: 32.1-60.4), this was estimated at 51.9 (CI = 51.1-52.8) using fixed effect model. Additionally, a reverse relationship was observed between nurses overall job satisfaction and their age.

Conclusion: Nurses’ job satisfaction in Iran is at a good level compared with other countries. The more satisfied the nurses are with their working conditions, the less is their intention to leave their job. Dissatisfaction is associated with higher resignment and turnover, paying deep attention to efficient factors on nurses dissatisfaction and trying to overcome them is important to improve nurses’ working conditions.

Key words: Iran, job satisfation, meta-analysis, nurse, systematic review

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