The effect of learning via module versus lecture teaching methods on the knowledge and practice of oncology nurses about safety standards with cytotoxic drugs in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

Khadijeh Abbasi, Maryam Hazrati, Nasrin Pourali Mohamadi, Abdolreza Rajaeefard


Background: Several studies have established that all nurses need continuing education, especially those who are working in oncology wards. In the current programs, there are just two general patterns for teaching: Teacher-centered and student-centered patterns. In this study, the effect of teacher-centered (lecture) and student-centered (module) teaching methods in relation to safety standards with cytotoxic drugs on the knowledge and practice of oncology nurses was compared.

Materials and Methods: This research was a quasi-experimental study with two intervention groups (module and lecture) and a control group. In this study, 86 nurses in Shiraz, Fars province in 2011, who participated in the prescription of cytotoxic drugs to patients were selected and randomly divided into three groups. The module group used a self-directed module, the lecture group was taught by an experienced lecturer in the classroom and the control group did not receive any intervention. Data in relation to knowledge and practice of oncology nurses in the three groups were collected before and 8 weeks after the intervention by using a questionnaire and checklist. To analyze the data paired-samples t-test and one way ANOVA analysis were used.

Results: Knowledge and practice scores increased significantly from baseline in both intervention groups, but there was no significant difference between the scores of the two groups. No considerable changes were observed in the control group.

Conclusions: Both module and lecture methods have similar effects on improving the knowledge and practice of nurses in oncology wards. Therefore, considering the advantages of student-centered educational methods, the work load of nurses and the sensitivity of their jobs, we suggest using module.

Key words: Continuing education, Iran, knowledge, lecture, module, oncologic nursing, practice

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