The relationship of depression with restless leg syndrome in hemodialysis patient’s dialysis centers in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 2011

Zeynab Hemate, Masoome Alidosti


Background: Hemodialysis, as the main remedy of chronic renal failure, can cause mental problems among patients receiving this treatment. These clients face depression because of being treated long-term and invasive therapeutically methods.

Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive-analytical study in which 171 patients receiving hemodialysis. They were divided in to those ones suffering from syndrome and the second group without syndrome.

Results: The results showed that the depression average grade was 47.31 ± 11.60 and 43.15 ± 10.3, in the first and the second group. This was a significant relation.

Conclusion: Being high level of depression among these patients who suffering from restless leg syndrome, its suggested monitoring depression level intermittently.vital signs and decrease serum cortisol level in patients undergoing gynecological elective surgeries.

Key words: Depression, hemodialysis, Iran, restless leg syndrome

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