Obesity related factors in school‑aged children

Parvaneh Reza Soltani, Atefeh Ghanbari, Afagh Hasanzadeh Rad


Background: Overweight and obesity is becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in both developed and developing world, and is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Although various studies demonstrated pediatric obesity‑related factors, but, due to its ongoing hazardous effects, researchers aimed to assess obesity‑related factors in school‑aged children in Rasht, Iran.

Materials and Methods: This was a case–control study which was performed in eight primary schools of Rasht. A cluster sampling method was used to select 320 students including 80 in case (BMI ≥85th percentile for age and gender) and 240 in control group (BMI = 5th-85th percentile for age and gender). Data were collected by a scale, a tape meter, and a form which consisted of obesity‑related factors, and were analyzed by Chi‑square, Mann–Whitney, and stepwise multivariate regression tests in SPSS 19.

Results: Findings showed that the mean and standard deviation of birth weight (g) in case and control groups were 3671 ± 5.64 and 190 ± 5.46, respectively (P = 0.000). 82.5% of case and 92.9% of control group had exclusive breastfeeding for 4-6 months (P = 0.024). Also, multivariate regression analysis indicated that birth weight, age, exclusive breastfeeding, and frequency of meals have significant effects on body mass index (BMI).

Conclusions: It seems that more accurate interventions for primordial prevention are essential to reduce childhood obesity risk factors, including promotion of pre‑pregnancy and prenatal care to have neonates who are appropriate for gestational age and also improving exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6 months of life. In addition, identifying children at risk for adolescent obesity provides physicians and midwives with an opportunity for earlier intervention with the goal of limiting the progression of abnormal weight gain.

Key words: Body mass index, obesity, school age

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