Inhaled insulin: an end to insulin injection

Nahid Shahgholian


Introduction: Because of the increasing prevalence of diabetes mellitus and the major role of insulin in glucose control, a non-invasive method is necessary for insulin intake. Nowadays, inhaled insulin is more preferred than other non-invasive methods. Insulin inhalation seems to be a choice and a way to control blood sugar, independent of daily injections for diabetic patients.

Methods: Review of more than 40 research studies showed that this type of insulin intake not only is a reliable way to control type 1 diabetes, also it has a quicker effect and a higher metabolic activity. This medication can also control type II diabetes better than oral insulin intake. Hypoglycemia is seen less frequently in inhaled insulin intake and it can lower HbAlc to 7% (its target level).

Results: This medication has been approved by FDA and is coming to the world and Iran pharmacopeia. Many studies showed that inhaled insulin has promoted patient's satisfaction and his/her quality of life.

Conclusion: This medication has enhanced insulin intake acceptance rates and is predicted to prevent short and long-term complications of diabetes in a very short future.


Inhalatory insulin, diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2.


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