Vol 11, No 4 (2006)



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Original Articles

Communication between nurses and elder patients
M Alavi, Heidar Ali Abedi, Khosrow Tavakol, N Fanian, Mehri Karimi, Mohsen Yazdani, Nahid Aseman-Rafat
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Effect of Lamaze practice on the outcome of pregnancy and labor in primipara women referred to selected university hospitals in 2005
Fariba Fahami, S Masoudfar, Sharare Davazdahemami
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A study on social and cultural problems of female nurses working in university hospitals in 2001
Z Karami, F Oveisi, N Pourafkari
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Survey of spiritual and mental experiences of thalassemic teenagers
Mehri Karimi, Mehri Golchin, Heidar Abedi
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Service learning: a method for providing service along with learning in community based education
P Khorasani, M Jowzi
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Identification of standards of nursing management planning in Iran
Shayesteh Salehi, L Zarshenas, Jalil Eslamian, l Rastegari
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Inhaled insulin: an end to insulin injection
Nahid Shahgholian
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The study of relationship between life style and reproductive characteristics of pregnant women in Shiraz in 2005
P Yadollahi, Sharare Davazdahemami, Khadijeh Bromandfar, Nahid Fathizadeh
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