The study of relationship between life style and reproductive characteristics of pregnant women in Shiraz in 2005

P Yadollahi, Sharare Davazdahemami, Khadijeh Bromandfar, Nahid Fathizadeh


Introduction: Life style is the collection of behaviors influenced by individual's characteristics, social interactions and socio-economic situations. Since pregnancy is a different part of life style, this study tried to evaluate the relationship between pregnancy, life style and individual’s reproductive characteristics.

Methods: This research was a descriptive-analytic study. The data were collected by a questionnaire on life style and reproductive characteristics of 326 pregnant women. The data were analyzed by SPSS and through descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: Findings of this study indicated that the most acceptable score in life style was related to nutrition domination. Unacceptable score was related to physical activity domination. The results of correlation coefficient test showed significant relations (P<0.01) between pregnancy age and stress, parity and physical activity, education level and nutrition and physical activity style. Also, independent t-test showed a significant difference (P<0.01) concerning stress score in wanted and unwanted pregnancies. Significant differences in stress score, nutrition and physical activity score in employed and housewives were found too (P<0.0l).

Conclusion: Educating pregnant women on control of stress, suitable social relations, secure sexual activity and regular appropriate physical activities at the time of maternal care is necessary.


Life style, pregnancy, individual's characteristics, pregnancy.


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