The effect of diet education on blood pressure and weight of the patients with hemodialysis in Kashan

Abdollah Rezaei Dehaghani, K Shafaghi


Introduction: Since urinary system in patients with hemodialysis cannot function to dismiss the unneeded materials from their bodies, these patients should follow an appropriate diet. To define this diet, the current study aimed to define the effect of diet education on blood pressure and weight of patients with hemodialysis, which was carried out in Kashan.

Methods: This was a quasi-experimental research. There were 45 selected patients with hemodialysis in hemodialysis unit of Akhavan hospital in Kashan while they had no special education on any special diet. Their weights and blood pressures were measured and recorded before being connected to hemodialysis device. First, educational papers containing necessary nutritional recommendations were prepared with the guide of a nutritionist who investigated the routine diet in Kashan. These papers were distributed among the subjects. All items were rechecked after two weeks post-education and then, second step education was conducted. After two weeks, the above values were measured and recorded again.

Results: The findings showed that the mean weight was 59.84 kg before education while it was 58.93 kg after the first step of education and 58.52 kg after the second step. Analysis by t-test showed a significant difference (P=0.041). Mean blood pressure was 151.3 mmHg before education while it decreased to 140.8 mmHg after the first step of education and 140 mmHg after the second step. Further analysis by t-test showed a significant difference between the mean value of blood pressure before education and that one after the first step of education (P=0.036).

Conclusion: Providing enough knowledge on special diet and following that is effective in controlling the weights and blood pressures of patients with hemodialysis. So, educating these patients on their diets considering routine foods of each region not only can prevent many possible complications but minimize their present problems.


Hemodialysis, diet, education, blood pressure, weight.


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