A comparative study on the effects of hypericum perforatum and passion flower on the menopausal symptoms of women referring to Isfahan city health care centers

Fariba Fahami, Zahra Asali, Abolfazl Aslani, Nahid Fathizadeh


  • BACKGROUND: With regard to an increase in the life expectancy for women and the consistency of the menopause age, a significant portion of women's age is passed after the menopause. Menopause is considered as a critical and sensitive period due to the changes and the disorders that are involved in it. Vasomotor symptoms, sleep disorders and psycho-mental changes are among the most prevalent symptoms of this period. Hormone therapy is a common treatment and it involves some problems for most individuals. The purpose of this study was to comparatively examine the effects of two herbal medications, Hypericum Perforatum and Passion Flower, on menopause symptoms.
  • METHODS: This study was of a clinical-experimental type which was done in 1388 in Isfahan. The sample included 59 menopausal women who had the conditions for entering into the study. The individuals were selected via simple sampling and were assigned randomly into two groups of Hypericum Perforatum treatment group (30 women) and Passion Flower group (29 women). The required data were filled out through interview, Personal Characteristics Questionnaire, and Cooperman's Index for menopause symptoms in three stages of pre-intervention, the third week of intervention, and the sixth week of intervention. The results were analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistical methods and the statistical software of SPSS.
  • RESULTS: The findings showed that the average score of menopause symptoms in two treatment groups of Hypericum Perforatum and Passion Flower had a significant decrease throughout the third and the sixth weeks of study (P<0.05). In addition, there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups and both herbs equally resulted in a decrease in the menopause symptoms scores (P>0.05).
  • CONCLUSIONS: With regard to the effects of Hypericum Perforatum and Passion Flower on treating menopause precocious symptoms (vasomotor signs, insomnia, depression, anger, headache, etc.), these two herbs can be used as an alternative treatment for individuals who can not, whatsoever, use hormone therapy.
  • KEY WORDS: Menopause symptoms and treatment, hypericum perforatum and passion flower.

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