Evaluating the Effect of Exercise on the Postpartum Quality of Life

B Bahadoran, F Abbasi, A.R Yousefi, M Kargarfard


BACKGROUND: Mothers are potentially susceptible to some complications, postpartum which would affect their wellbeing.
So, it is essential to deliver appropriate postpartum care, to improve physical, mental and social wellbeing. The
current study was carried out to assess the effect of physical exercise on postpartum maternal physical, mental, social
and general wellbeing.
METHODS: This is a semi-experimental, anterograde study which was fulfilled on experiment and control groups. The
data was gathered by interviewing and a self-made questionnaire. The data was analyzed using independent t-test by
SPSS software.
RESULTS: Findings demonstrated that the experiment group scored higher in all aspects of life quality. Significant statistical
difference was noted in general (P= 0.000), social (P= 0.011) and mental wellbeing (P= 0.005); while, the difference
between two groups in physical wellbeing was statistically significant.
CONCLUSIONS: Various aspects of life quality would be affected by postpartum physical exercise. So, women should be
encouraged to take exercise, postpartum to improve their quality of life.
KEY WORDS: Exercise, postpartum, quality of life

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