Differentials in colostrum feeding among lactating women of block RS Pura of J and K: A lesson for nursing practice

Sunil Kumar Raina, Vijay Mengi, Gurdeep Singh


  • Introduction: Breast feeding is universally and traditionally practicised in India. Experts advocate breast feeding as the best method of feeding young infants.
  • Objective: To assess the role of various factors in determining colostrum feeding in block R. S. Pura of district Jammu.
  • Materials and Methods: A stratified two-stage design with villages as the primary sampling unit and lactating mothers as secondary sampling unit. Villages were divided into different clusters on the basis of population and sampling units were selected by a simple random technique.
  • Results and Conclusion: Breastfeeding is almost universal in R. S. Pura. Differentials in discarding the first milk were not found to be important among various socioeconomic groups and the phenomenon appeared more general than specific.
  • Key words: Colostrum, infants, trends

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