The relation between social support and postpartum physical health in mothers

Parvin Bahadoran, Arezo Azimi, Mahboubeh Valiyani, Sayed Ahmad Ahmadi


BACKGROUND: Women face many physical and emotional changes after childbirth and social support may be important for their health condition, especially because of postpartum special needs. This study aims to determine the relation between social support and postpartum physical health of women referred to the health centers of Isfahan.

METHODS: This is a descriptive-correlation study. Samples of 296 mothers were selected from women referred to the health centers of Isfahan, 6-7 weeks after delivery. Sampling method was simple. Received social support was measured by a researcher- made questionnaire and their physical health was evaluated by the physical health dimension of the quality of life questionnaire. Content validity and Cronbach's alpha were used for validity and reliability of the questionnaire assessment. Questionnaires were completed by interview. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used for data analysis via SPSS software.

RESULTS: The results showed a significant direct relation between the total social support and the postpartum physical health of women (r = 0.194, p < 0.001).

CONCLUSION: In this study, among various components of social support, just the support of health care personnel clearly improved the physical health of mothers and these findings showed the significance of health care personnel's role.

KEY WORDS: Social support, postpartum period, quality of life, physical health

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