Parental Attitudes of Female Students toward Child-Parent Interactional Behavior

Kh Tavakol, H Naji, N Saberi


BACKGROUND: Bringing up children is one of the most complicated responsibilities an adult experience in his/her life. However, most people are not completely prepared to be a parent. Current study was carried out to analyze the attitude of participants toward becoming parent. METHODS: This is a descriptive study in which questionnaire 1-1-PI which is consisted of 32 items was used. Sampling method was stratified random sampling. 400 questionnaires were distributed among participants and the data was analyzed using descriptive statistical methods. RESULTS: Findings demonstrated that 116 cases (31 percents) scored 0-64 and 63 cases (17 percents) scored 65- 95 and 192 cases (52 percents) scored 97- 160. These scores were respectively considered positive, neutral and negative overall attitude toward parenting. CONCLUSIONS: Some parents considerably lack fundamental parenthood skills. They are unaware of their children’s needs, capabilities and potentials. A solution could be planning to improve (future) parents’ awareness of children’s development. KEY WORDS: Parental attitude, children, parents’ behavior

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