Prerequisites for electronic learning: Iranian postgraduate nursing students’ points of view

Alireza Yaghoubi, Farahnaz Abdollahzadeh, Azad Rahmani, Leila Kazemi, Kamyar Ghabili, Samad E. J. Golzari, Marjan Dehdilani


Background: Nursing education is mostly conducted through electronic educational programs. We aimed at assessing the Iranian postgraduate nursing students’ skills and attitudes regarding the electronic education.

Materials and Methods: Ninety‑seven postgraduate nursing students were surveyed using questionnaires assessing their individual‑social and educational characteristics, electronic education skills, and attitudes toward the electronic education.

Results: Scores of the students’ skills in using computer and the Internet were significantly associated with gender and the number of hours working with computer and the Internet at home and work.

Conclusion: Prerequisites for performing electronic education programs are present at moderate levels in Iran.

Key words: Attitude, electronic learning, nursing students, skill

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