Vol 10, No 3 (2005)



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Original Articles

Activity status of elderly residents
laili Alipour , z Safari , A Davazdah-Emami
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Effect of massage therapy on pain severity and labor of primipara women
N Khodakarami , A Safarzadeh , Nahi Fathizadeh
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Survey of research problems from the viewpoints of managers, scientific staffs and research experts in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Maryam Kianpour , P Bahman ziari , S Arti , Homayoon Naji
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Study of obedience of nursing-patient relationship principles from the viewpoints of patients and nurses
Mahmoud Nasiri
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Investigating international management and organization standards in midwifery and proposing appropriate national standards
F Safdari , Roshanak Hassanzahraie , Soheyla Ehsanpour
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The effect of husbands' social support on their wives' postpartum depression
S Ahmadi , Z Azari
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Effect of muscular relaxation on diabetic children
Sedigheh Talakoub , Jozi M Jozi , Z Ghazavi , Abbas Atari Atari
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A comparative study on quality of life of mothers in two methods of normal delivery and caesarean section
B Torkan , S Parsaee , M Lamiean , A Kazemnejed , A Montazeri
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