The effect of husbands' social support on their wives' postpartum depression

S Ahmadi, Z Azari


Introduction: Postpartum depression is a serious disorder not only for the mother but also for her husband and children. The husbands' support, as the most important person in their spouses' life, is very significant and can cause impression on their mood. This research was done to study the effects of husbands' support on their wives' postpartum depression.

Methods: This study was an experimental research. The population included all pregnant women referred to Isfahan clinics during their seventh month of pregnancy in 2003. By random sampling, 60 pregnant women were selected, 30 were selected as experimental group and 30 as control group. Beck depression inventory was used as pretest and post-test. The independent variable was husbands' social support. A booklet and a cassette on stresses and changes during pregnancy and various supports of husbands were given to the experimental group. A follow up was delivered to be sure that husbands' social support were given. Three months after the social support delivery, all subjects took part in the post-test. Results were analyzed by SPSS, descriptive statistics and covariance analysis.

Results: Findings showed significant effects of husbands' support on the rate of postpartum depression. Also, comparison of average values of Beck depression inventory in experimental group before and after instruction showed significant effect of husbands' support on decreasing postpartum depression. The results did not show any association between demographic characteristics and postpartum depression.

Conclusion: Based on the findings of this study, husbands' support is the most accessible and an easy way to decrease their wives' postpartum depression. It can be used in preventing postpartum depression.


support, postpartum depression, husband, wife


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