Vol 11, No 3 (2006)



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Original Articles

Delegation as experienced by nurse managers
Heidar Ali Abedi , Jalil Eslamian , Shayesteh Salehi , Mohsen Alame
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Current care of patients in physical confinement in psychiatry wards of hospitals affiliated with Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Elahe Ashouri , Tayebe Merabi
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Structural and process standards in emergency ward of the selected hospital of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
Habibollah Hosseini , Khosrow Tavakol , Ahmad Mashhadizadeh
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Associations between maternal health literacy and pregnancy outcomes
Shahnaz Kohan , S Ghasemi , Maryam Dodangeh
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Related factors with women's body mass index in Isfahan
Mahnaz Noroozi , Sharare Davazdah Emami , Nasrollah Bashardoost
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The effect of praying on blood pressure of women in Isfahan in 2005
Mahboubeh Safavi , Fakhri Sabuhi , Mahmood Mahmoodi
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Social health needs in high school female students
Shayesteh Salehi , Mahin Gheibizadeh , Khosrow Tavakol
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Epidural painless delivery: a phenomenology research
Roshanak Hasan Zahraie , Nahid Mehran , Nahid Fathizadeh , Heidar Ali Abedi
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