Vol 10, No 2 (2005)



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Original Articles

Stress and anxiety in pregnancy
Parvin Bahadoran , N Mohamad Alibeigi
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The relation of socioeconomic factors and sexual dysfunctions in menopausal women
Fariba Fahami , Roshanak Hassanzahraei , M Beigi , Soroor Arman
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Attitudes of nurses in respecting patient's rights in different wards of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
M Hassanian
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The effects of sensory stimulations on sleep deprivation symptoms in patients with heart diseases
Asghar Khalifezade , S Abolhasani , Rezvan Zarkeshan , Seid Mozaffar Hashemi
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Investigation of some occupational stressors among nurses
Tayebe Mehrabi , N Parvin , Mohsen Yazdani , Nahid Asemanrafat
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The norm of two anthropometric indices in women in Isfahan
Mahnaz Noroozi , M Taebi , Zamzam Paknahad
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Parental attitude of female students on child-parent behavior in Flavarjan
Khosrow Tavakol , Heidar Ali Abedi , N Sabery , SM Hossainzadeh
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Effects of music on blood pressure of patients in endoscopy unit
Z Tazakorri , F Amani , M Karimollahi
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